A Colorful Journey

Pintarolas were launched by Imperial, Portugal's largest chocolate manufacturer, in the late 1970s. These milk chocolate tablets with a sugar coating acquired an unrivaled rainbow coating and were packed in an amazing tube.


"Tem muita pinta!" ("It's really cool!"), "Que Pinta!" ("What style!"), and "Que Pintarola!s" ("What a Pintarola!") were some of the statements used by children back then, which inspired the name of this product. Pintarolas quickly became usual at parties aimed for younger people.

Today, Pintarolas is one of the most popular national brands among Portuguese people, and it is known for its ability to continually reinvent itself, therefore engaging across generations. This is shown by its remaining presence among new generations year after year, its leadership in the chocolate dragees market for the children's segment, and its standing as one of Europe's trusted brands in this segment.


A big part of this success can be due to the commitment to innovation and tracking market trends, especially when it comes to revising recipes to make the products healthier. At present, Pintarolas are marketed as a gluten-free and artificial coloring-free product.


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